Entourage Effect of Cannabinoids

 Entourage Effect

At Meta Hemp Solutions we provide the widest-spectrum CBD-enriched extracts on the market. We attribute our claim of "widest-spectrum" extract to the use of our unique spagyric method of extraction.

A CBD-enriched extract is one that, while targeting the cannabinoid CBD for extraction and concentration, also concentrates and contains many other chemical constituents from the cannabis plant. Our raw extract contains a number of compounds with known therapeutic and nutritional value, including other cannabinoids, terpenes, fatty acids, chlorophyll, and plant-based rare earth minerals and salts.

As scientists study the cannabis plant and different processing methods, more researchers are finding that these enriched extracts have a greater biological response compared to CBD isolates (i.e. extracts that contain ONLY CBD and none of the other constituents—highly processed and refined products).

These other cannabinoids and compounds may act as cofactors or be necessary for proper functioning of the CBD pathway (i.e. the manner or pathway in which the cannabinoids are assimilated by the body). Sometimes these cofactors increase the efficacy of cannabinoid supplements by decreasing the rate at which these cannabinoids are degraded. This effectively increases the concentration or dose that a person’s body experiences.

Many initial studies demonstrated the increased efficacy of CBD extracts when they also contained the cannabinoid THC. Because of this, at Meta Hemp Solutions, we leave in all of the naturally occurring cannabinoids, including small amounts of THC (at levels significantly below the legally allowed limits).

Terpenes are the most abundant of all natural compounds, with known terpenes numbering over 23,000.

Terpenes are also the main components found in natural essential oils. Many of these, including the terpenes that are found in the cannabis plant, are being studied for their biological activity and therapeutic potential. Studies where the terpenes were co-administered with cannabinoids, in the form of CBD-enriched and THC-enriched extracts, showed that this combination prompted greater biological responses than did CBD and THC isolates (administered without terpenes).

Some of these studies also postulate that the alkaloids naturally present in the cannabis plant, which are still present in these CBD-enriched extracts, can also contribute to the biological activity of the extract. Our process—which keeps the plant raw and living—leaves these alkaloids intact, along with the plant’s chlorophyll. These constituents combine with the minerals we obtain from the cannabis plant to create a unique whole-food extract.