Cannabinoids/Hemp for Pets

Animals and CBD


At Meta Hemp Solutions we love our animal friends!

While many pet supplement companies use ingredients that are not considered acceptable for human consumption, we only use human-grade ingredients in our pet blends. We also use the same quality of care and the same widest-spectrum CBD-enriched extract for our pet line that we use in our human products.

Just like us, dogs and cats have an endocannabinoid system. Recently, CBD supplementation has become of interest to veterinarians and pet owners. 

Presently, there is research examining the effects of CBD and CBD-enriched extracts on epilepsy and osteoarthritis. Our truly full-spectrum extracts also give your furry love the same nutritional benefits of cannabinoids, fatty acids, and minerals that they bestow upon humans like us.

CBD for pets is becoming widely popular for a variety of reasons. Check the internet for anecdotal information from people using CBD products for the continued health of their animals.

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Below is a general dosing guide for your dog or cat of our 125mg and 250mg Hemp CBD Extract for Pets.

We recommend starting at low dosages and gently increasing as necessary.

Tier 1 (low dosage):  0.05 mg x lb / twice daily

10 lb: 2 drops 125mg, 1 drop 250mg

50 lb: 12 drops 125mg, 6 drops 250mg

100 lb: 1.5 full droppers 125mg, 12 drops 250mg


Tier 2 (medium dosage): 0.125 mg x lb / twice daily

10 lb: 5 drops 125mg, 3 drops 250mg

50 lb: 1 full dropper 125mg, 8 drops 250mg

100 lb: 2 full droppers 125mg, 1 full dropper 250mg


Tier 3 (high dosage): 0.25 mg x lb / twice daily

10 lb: 12 drops 125mg, 7 drops 250mg

50 lb: 3.5 full droppers 125mg, 1.5 full droppers 250mg

100 lb: 7 full droppers 125mg, 3.5 full droppers 250mg